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Developed by coffee lovers who ran an agency for a while and like you, wanted a better business and a simpler life. Escortlogic will not only change the way you run your business, it will make you look more professional.

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01. About app What we offer

We offer everything to get started with your new agency or to turn your already running agency in a more professional and easier to manage one.

Agency Websites

Scalable websites, every features you need (Girls, schedule, zone fees, employment, contact, blog,...) in a professional way, no annoying pubs.

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Girls Manager

Manage your girls and website content directly in our application. Easy to use, it can even integrate with your existing website.

Booking app

The only booking application specifically tailored for escort agencies. No paper anymore, book from anywhere.

Driver app

Real time tracking is no longer only a cool thing, it's necessary. Escortlogic will make your driver's life simpler. No more gps or address searching.

02. Benefits One time used — Use forever

We know how running an agency can be an heavy task, how hiring a new booker can't be mistake free. That's how we know once you'll try it, you will never look back.

Drivers tracking

Stop wondering where your drivers are, in how much time they will arrive to a destination, track them in real time and see by yourself their distance to a destination. Don't argue with a driver to know why he is late on a call, follow him. When you receive a call, know instantly if your driver can make it on time.

Interactive schedule

Stop analysing your paper sheet every 15 minutes. No longer need to call a driver to know the status of a booking. Take a glance at the fully interactive booking schedule to know everything in seconds. The schedule will show you exactly when you can book a girl or not. The girls are grouped by driver columns to help you see if a driver is able to go drop girl 2 and be back to girl 1 on time.

Clients manager

Keep track of your clients for future bookings, no need to type everything each time. Consult your history to solve a problem or to get specific information concerning a client. This feature can be disabled for privacy concerns. Escortlogic will never save any information regarding specific services received by a client, no sensible information is stored.

Reports generator

No longer need to calculate everything every night to know who owes what. Simply generate a report and collect. Save time, energy and do not make any mistakes. You are the owner and are not constantly with the booker? Generate the reports from the cloud and see what's going on.

Call logs

Do not type or write down the phone numbers for every booking, we have an app for that. When a client calls you to make a booking, his phone number will be automatically selected in the interface, simply assign a booking in 2 clicks. If the client already exist in the database, it will be automatically assigned to a booking.

Ban list

We all forget that some girls will not go to certains addresses. Stop sending them where they don't want to go, Escortlogic keeps a block list for each girl and will remind you if you are creating an undesirable booking.

Girls manager

Manage your girls information easily via the interface and it will be updated in the manager and on the website instantly. Enter your girls schedule in advance and Escortlogic will take care of automatically switching them ON and OFF the days they work or not. The complete schedule will be automatically generated for each girl and for the full roster if you need it online.

Website manager

You can get rid of you outdated manager, your website will be managed from EscortLogic. Our web designers can build a website for you, or you can use our web api to easily integrate EscortLogic to your existing website. If you post your ads on a forum, a script will automatically generate your post considering which girls are active each day.

Driver chat

You can chat with your drivers directly from your computer and they will receive it in their driver application. This is particularly useful if your drivers are using phones with only a data plan. SMS can always be used simultantly, the application will continue to track the driver and receive the booking even if the screen is off or the user is doing something else.

Work logs

Some will pay their driver at a hour rate, some by driven miles and some by booking. No matter how you do it, EscortLogic will calculate the distance driven by each driver during a shift. It also use a punch in punch out system and log the work hours of your drivers. The generated reports will calculate what each driver owes for the selected period of time.

Zone manager

Having headaches figuring if a client is located in a zone where you are charging an extra? Your bookers forget to apply an extra for you driver based on distance? That makes your drivers angry. Simply draw your zones in the zone creator and EscortLogic will apply the extra fee automatically for you.

Blog manager

A blog on your website is good for your agency. If you update it regularly, the search engines will see the new contents and will rate your website higher. It is also a good way to inform your clients when a new girl joins your team. That's why we integrated a news manager in EscortLogic. The feed can be downloaded from the web api.

03. Website Everything you need.

Our websites have a mobile version too. It is not stuffed with publicity to distract your clients from what's important. It is clean and up to date.

On site schedule

Your clients need to know when a girl will be available in the next days if they want to pre-book her. The schedule will be updated automatically every day. See the demo here.

Transportation calculator

Your clients love to know in advance how much it will cost to go to their out of downtown location. They can type their location on the website and calculate the fee themselves. See the demo here.

04. Why our app A New way To book

Imagine if the sheet of paper your currently use could update itself in real-time when a booking is confirmed, indicate you when a booking was started late. That is the new way to book we are bringing to you.

When you receive a call from an existing client, you are only one click from creating a booking and you don't even need to text your driver the information.

As a booker, you are the best person to verify if an address is good. Valid the location on the integrated map and don't let your driver guess which duplicated street name is the good one.

Every agency have zones where they will charge an extra fee to go. The new booker always have some trouble remembering on the spot when a client calls. The booking app takes care of it for you.

It is always an heavy task to count everything at the ends of the shift. You are tired and a mistake can easily be made. Generate a report and don't bother with the calculations.

05. How it works One step at a time — It's easy

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